Beginning in Peakes

So, Travis and I bought 20 acres of land in Peakes, PEI a little while ago and I started building a little house and decided to write about it.

The house will be 120 square feet, and I’m using a combination of conventional and natural building.

As for the land, we’re planning on planting native species of plants, providing (hopefully more suitable) habitat for the frogs that seem to like living in puddles on the driveway by building a pond, growing vegetables, flowers and an orchard, blah blah blah.

For now, I have some pictures of the building process.

Here is me insulating the floor,  with wool that I got from a farm in Western PEI:

Two pictures of the house with one wall up:

The current outdoor kitchen/living room:

I’m planning on adding more about the land, and continue updating about the building, but feel free to let me know if you’re interested in something in particular.


4 thoughts on “Beginning in Peakes”

  1. Hey Reece! Amazing! I didn’t even know you could insulate with wool. I’m very curious about how warm it is/whether it is more likely to mold or grow some kind of nasty bacteria…

    1. Thanks! Actually wool is really resistant to mold, etc. The main issue is moths, but I am trying to seal the wool from the outside and have included cedar chips to repel moths and borax to repel other small bugs. I heard from the farmer I got it from that the smell of wool repels mice too, so if that’s true it would be good. I haven’t found an R-value for just regular wool, but have heard it’s quite good. Commercial wool insulation has a higher R-value than fibreglass.

  2. Hey Reece, how exciting! I’m simply exciting to hear about the building process, not to mention what kind of resources you’re using (both material and informational).

    Congratulations, you two.


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