So, the storm was fortunately uneventful. The cabin wasn’t  harmed, and I spent the day reading bougie housing magazines and listening to CBC- not so bad.

I’ve been struggling a little more with the building, first because I had to build the final wall standing up, instead of building it on the floor and raising it, so that was a little tricky. It’s a little over 10 ft. tall, and the 2x8s that I am using are pretty heavy. I ended up having to build various supports to be able to build the actual structure, e.g., to hold the beams in place before nailing them on the top and bottom. All four walls are finished now, though, so that feels like a bit of an accomplishment. I can actually imagine where the counter will be and what it will look like when I’m sitting at the table, etc.

Now I am working on the roof. I don’t really have all the tools I would ideally have, though, so I had to figure out the notching for the rafters by trial and error, which took forever (a day, I guess), and  cut  the notches with a hand saw, which I’m not so skilled at but (I think)  will  work out. At least I don’t feel like I have any shortage of physical exercise these days. I am exhausted by the time it starts getting dark every night. The next day or two will be all about rafters, and then I’ll have the skeleton of the house done, anyway. So that’s exciting.

It’s not even 3pm, and I’m already really tired, so I’ll leave it at that.


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