Wool Disaster?

Well, I don’t have a picture, but imagine the last picture but with almost no spaces in the wall except the windows and more tar paper.

Work on it has been going pretty well lately. While I was unsuccessfully stapling on some tar paper in the winds from Igor (the storm), a truck I didn’t recognize crept along the driveway and pulled up. A middle-aged man and woman pulled up and introduced themselves and said they lived in St. Theresa (nearby). They had heard there were two guys living here, and when they commented that they didn’t know there was a house on this property, apparently someone told them “it’s not a house“. They were incredibly nice, interested in what I was doing and complimentary about the house, and then the man said he’d give me a half-ton of wood for the winter for free! So far most of the older/middle-aged people here are really kind and inviting.

The potential disaster is that my wool might be infested with moths. I’ve seen a few around that are probably wool moths. Fortunately the wool is only in the floor so far, not in the walls. I’ve looked at the actual wool in bags, though, and haven’t seen any eggs or moths there, just 3 around the house. So… does anyone have any wool moth experience? I’m guessing I need to get rid of all this wool if I confirm that’s what they are. I was planning on mixing cedar chips (which I have) with the wool for moth-prevention, but I doubt it’s strong enough to get rid of them and I don’t want to use anything toxic. So, anyone who knows anything about moths (not just in insulation), does their population explode and get terrible? Do I need to get rid of it all? Could I even use other wool or is the area tainted? I will do the research some time, but am interested in hearing of anyone’s experience with this.


2 thoughts on “Wool Disaster?”

  1. if you havent seen any eaten up wool and / or eggs I wouldn’t assume you have wool moths. it would be really obvious. try dumping out a random selection of bags of wool and check it out. it will look all chewed up and there will be empty eggs in the wool, too. if it’s still in the bags try adding borax and seal the wool in the bags as best you can. horse chestnuts are also good moth repellers. cedar bough’s have more oil than chips, too. you could also get cedar essential oil and add it to the borax.

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