The Inside

Up until now there hasn’t been much to show on the inside of the house, but that’s starting to change. I have done a good amount of the insulating which involves nailing wood lath onto the studs and then gently stuffing wool for insulation, along with borax and cedar to deter moths, down in between the lath and the particle board walls.  

Here are some pictures of partly insulated walls:

Oh yeah, and all the windows are in, thanks to help from Story and Cud! I am honestly indoors now, when I’m inside.  Last night I stayed up later than usual and read inside using the oil lamps, which was much more pleasant than reading in the tent with a flashlight. I’m building the loft in the next day or two, and plan to start on the kitchen counter soon. Maybe I’ll start testing out natural plasters too.  I went on a beach excursion yesterday so I could get some sand for the plaster.


3 thoughts on “The Inside”

  1. Really exciting to see this place coming together, Reece. I hope I’m not asking you to repeat yourself here, but what’s your plan for plumbing and power?

    1. hey Mono, maybe last time I replied it didn’t go through? I don’t know. For power, for right now I am just using a generator. I don’t have any other immediate plans for power other than propane for the stove, batteries/crank/solar radio, charging the phone and camera at the library, that sort of thing. So far it hasn’t been a problem. Friends are looking into wind-generated power, and this is a really good area for it, so that’s a possibility. For plumbing: composting outhouse. That I really need to build…

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