No longer in the tent

Lots has changed since last post, namely that I’m not sleeping in the tent anymore! I built a loft for a bedroom, and a semi-temporary kitchen counter, and last night picked up a gigantic (but wonderful) propane oven/stove. Today I get the chimney pipes for the wood stove. Travis is here again for the week, so I had to get in gear and get the cabin live-able. I don’t think either or us could face spending more time in the tent, ha ha. Well, that plus it’s a little ridiculous to wait until everything is finished to move in.



4 thoughts on “No longer in the tent”

    1. Hey, yeah, Travis found a woodstove, and I just got the chimney and stove pipe, etc. yesterday, and we managed to move the stove inside (it’s one of those cast-iron ones, and I didn’t think we could do it). Now I just need to set it up. It’s a little chilly in the morning, but not bad yet, though I’d like to get it set up sooner rather than later. Yes, I’m looking for a sink today. I dumpstered a bathroom sink , but decided it would be annoying to use it as a kitchen sink, so I’m looking for a used one in town today. The sink should be fairly easy. As for refrigeration, I’m not worried about it for the winter, and plan to make a root cellar next year. so that’s that! Still so many little (and big) things to do, but it’s coming along…

  1. awesome work, reece! this is so great. hope everything works out during the winter. seems like you’ve got the most important parts done before winter. it’ll be interesting to see how well the wool works out. i’ve heard that cardboard works really well in a pinch but its not the safest obviously around the wood heat.
    i also have a wool/clothes moth problem right now. they seem impossible to get rid of but thankfully they’re pretty sporadic, and they don’t really explode in numbers like other pests (grain mites, i’m looking at you!). plus they are super easy to catch when you see them around. i hear lavender is supposed to repulse them. they seem to stay away from my closet since i put it in there.
    as for the roof, i wonder if tin is the way to go? it might get pretty hot in the summer. it’ll be easier to shovel the snow off it though. when i made tree forts as a kid i liked tin roofs better but i found it way harder to work with than tar paper, especially when i made a mistake. i’m sure you’ll have more luck than my 14 year old self though.
    anyway, good luck with everything and keep us updated!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, dried lavender is amazingly hard to find here, unlike in Vancouver. I am planning on planting some all around the house, as I’ve read that it works well against the moths. Thanks for your thoughts about the roof. I was thinking that a light colour to reflect the sun combined with 8 inches of insullation would help keeop things cool, but it’s hard to say. I’m still not sure. Good to hear from you.

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