Chimney, Garbage Pick-up, Civic Address…

It’s been sooo busy lately. I went on a short visit to Montreal (don’t be insulted if you are in Montreal, and I didn’t contact you, I just stayed with Travis at his place the whole time). The night I got there, after 13+ hours of driving, I found out a had a job interview at the University of PEI in less than a week. Also, it was a 6-hour interview which included meeting with the VP academic, supper with the University Librarian and a presentation open to the campus community, among other things. That was yesterday, so I am crossing my fingers.

As for the house, lots has happened with that too. There is garbage pick-up now, which is convenient. I got over my fear of using the chainsaw on the roof, and so managed to install the chimney for the wood stove, so now it’s toasty inside.

The propane cooking stove isn’t hooked up yet, but will be when I can get some help so I don’t blow up the cabin or something. You can see a little plastering around the woodstove. There is more of that throughout the cabin… it’s coming along slowly but surely. I have to mix the plaster in small batches, each made of lime, water, cut straw and sand from a nearby beach. You can just see the hat of the chimney poking up above the roof in this picture of the cabin (to the left of the top of the ladder). It’s not a very steeply sloped roof, so the chimney doesn’t need to be very tall.

I put in a sink the other day, which just empties into a bucket for now, but is still much more convenient than not having a sink. Also, home mail delivery and a civic address! 

While he was here, Travis did a ton of nailing up wood lath and insullating with wool. It’s surprisingly time-consuming…


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