The frogs are back

Yesterday was ridiculously warm: 17 or 18 was the high. Frogs were out on the driveway (unfortunately their favourite area), lady bugs were on the roof, and there were even a few hearty mosquitoes around. Who gets a mosquito bite in the Maritimes when it’s practically November? Anyways. I was on the roof sealing around the chimney a little more, since it was a bit leaky, and then doing some preventive sealing and making sure the tar paper is well-attached. I have been considering putting shingle material on the roof before the winter, and this was sort of a compromise. I am too much of a snob to have asphalt shingles if I can help it, ha ha.

I am finally starting to insulate the ceiling, and I think it will go quickly now that I’ve gotten some good boards. I had been planning on doing the ceiling the same as the walls, with wood lath holding in the wool, and then plaster, but the plastering is tricky enough without gravity being against me, so I am just using boards. Speaking of plastering, in case anyone else in interested, the recipe that I have found that works the best is completely different than the ones I found in Green Building (the only book I have with that info). I haven’t used clay because there isn’t any around that I can find. I’m using 1 part sand to 2 parts hydrated lime plus a few hand-fulls of straw (cut up) per large bucket. I haven’t measured the water, but it’s pretty easy to figure out since it’s sloppy and hard to work with if there is too much, and doesn’t stick to the wall if there is too little. Here’s the sink, and some plastering:

The ladder to the loft, and fire extinguisher (safety first, but also style, since I opted for the “chrome” one):

I’m kind of getting into a routine these days: wake up around 8, make oatmeal with chocolate chips or oatmeal with apple butter for breakfast, and then work on things around the house or go out to do chores. I eat lunch, then more plastering or insulating or whatever. I try to do outdoor things when I can, and keep indoor tasks for when it’s raining. When it’s starting to get dark, I tidy up so I don’t have to live in squalor and then read and make/eat supper. Candles and oil lamps actually light things up pretty well, and will probably be better when the whole place is plastered since it’ll be a light surface to bounce off of.  And that’s about it.


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