I probably won’t be posting here all that much from now on, as I’m leaving for BC for a little while. I’d hoped to stay in PEI for the winter, but am looking forward to BC as well. I’ll be back in the Spring, though, and the blog will be more active again then, too.

One of the most exciting things is that I confirmed that the wool works well as insulation. After hours of a quite hot fire and toasty inside, I climbed up to the roof. It was still covered in snow, except for the small part that is not insulated (ran out of wool). I’m happy about that.

Also Ellen and Pat, who built there own house nearby,  put on an art show at their house the other day. It was awesome and funny and really just the three of us hanging out with some of their drawing on the wall, but I decided to try to be a pretentious faux art reviewer and see if I can get it published. The result is this article:

Also, based on the article I had to make my own catering company website, sort of. I also wanted to share my success with making cakes using steam (since my oven doesn’t work, just the stove-top), so I put these things together here:



We had our first snowfall where the snow actually stays on the ground. Last night was eerily bright blue, between the perpetually blinding moon and the snow. Fortunately the cabin is so tiny it warms up really fast.

So anyways, updated pictures of the inside.

Note all the tea on the window sill.  Also, if you know my brother David, see if you can spot his picture which is actually also a postcard he sent. 

Still Plastering…

Things are funny and up-in-the-air right now. For work-related reasons, I am not sure if I will be in PEI or BC for the winter/early spring. Apparently I will probably find out next week, but until then, I get to plan for both possibilities. Right now I’m plastering the inside of the house, and just finished putting shingles on the roof (too scared of leaks to just leave the tar paper). I’m getting the hang of the wood stove, and enjoying having a propane cooking stove inside. I’m getting ready to hunker down for winter, while not really knowing if I will be here or not.

I’m also spending a lot of time thinking about plans for spring and summer. I am looking forward to planting the largest garden I ever have, and growing a huge amount of food. I want to build a big deck on my little house, make a bicycle blender, start mushroom logs and  plant some fruit trees and bushes.  I’d love to start with some honey bees, but don’t know if that will be next year, or the one after. I may just try to make some bee connections on the island, and continue to learn from people, as I think I’ve learned all I can learn from books. I’m excited about having visitors, and going on bike trips around the island, and generally getting to be here without having to work on the house every day, ha!

My house is approaching habitable, though. Once I’m finished the plastering, and get some real furniture, it’ll be really nice. The evenings are candlelit and cozy; Travis and I drank my first batch of homebrew I’ve made here the other night, which was nice. I’m doing a lot of adventure reading, and reading about other places, and hope to spend evenings working on crafty things in the evening, once my house is a little less under-construction.

Other Perspectives

In case you are looking for other blogs on this topic, there are a couple on rural living in Kings County, PEI. The first is by Travis who owns the land with me, though he’s in Montreal right now: The other is by Story, who lives near by:

No new pictures right now, but I am getting close to finishing all the insullating. This is good, since it’s getting cold. The plastering is coming along too. I also have a small 1-candle chandelier that I’m quite happy with, which hangs above what will eventually be the dining area. The evenings are cozy and warm even without being fully insulated. It’s been snowing a tiny bit, but nothing major.