We had our first snowfall where the snow actually stays on the ground. Last night was eerily bright blue, between the perpetually blinding moon and the snow. Fortunately the cabin is so tiny it warms up really fast.

So anyways, updated pictures of the inside.

Note all the tea on the window sill.  Also, if you know my brother David, see if you can spot his picture which is actually also a postcard he sent. 


2 thoughts on “Snow!”

  1. Hey! Wow, I haven’t checked the blog for awhile and I am super impressed. Your house looks amazing, I am excited for you to be finished so I can come see it 🙂

    I am interested in how the plaster holds up, it looks really great (though obviously rough at this point). Do you paint it afterwards or cover it somehow?

    When I was in Mexico we saw some Mayan ruins at Coba and I always used to wonder what it’d be like to live in cities of rough stone. I didn’t realize, although it makes sense, that of course they didn’t live in cities of rough stone – they plastered over the stone and painted the plaster so that the walls were smooth and could be bright and coloured. In some places there are remnants of plaster and paint. Anyway, since then I have been thinking about plastery-type things and how we finish our living spaces.

    I miss you and am glad that your new house is really coming along!


    1. Thanks! I miss you too, and hope you come visit. Yeah, I still need to put a final, smoother coat over all of it. Then, I am not sure what. I think I’ll probably put some sort of a lime wash over it, but I’m pretty into it being white/near white, since it’s such a small space. But who knows, plans change.

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