I probably won’t be posting here all that much from now on, as I’m leaving for BC for a little while. I’d hoped to stay in PEI for the winter, but am looking forward to BC as well. I’ll be back in the Spring, though, and the blog will be more active again then, too.

One of the most exciting things is that I confirmed that the wool works well as insulation. After hours of a quite hot fire and toasty inside, I climbed up to the roof. It was still covered in snow, except for the small part that is not insulated (ran out of wool). I’m happy about that.

Also Ellen and Pat, who built there own house nearby,  put on an art show at their house the other day. It was awesome and funny and really just the three of us hanging out with some of their drawing on the wall, but I decided to try to be a pretentious faux art reviewer and see if I can get it published. The result is this article:

Also, based on the article I had to make my own catering company website, sort of. I also wanted to share my success with making cakes using steam (since my oven doesn’t work, just the stove-top), so I put these things together here:


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