White Pumpkins

I’m not as knowledgeable/nerdy about seeds as Travis, but sort of got swept up in the excitement in January, and started acquiring seeds, in somewhat massive quantities. Well, massive considering I have several more months to get seeds.  I am also copying his idea to post about seeds, though he hasn’t done it yet.

I haven’t been relying much on planning for what I will need, or getting the earliest growing or the longest keeping varieties, but more on what I am excited about or interested in, which often times means weird or large plants.  So far I have managed not to get the seeds that grow ½ ton pumpkins, though I wrote them on my ever-expanding list.

I’m so excited about the gardening in the spring. It seems way more relaxing than building, I suppose because in my mind there aren’t problems to figure out, as much. Or precarious balancing. It will obviously be a fair amount of work, but I am looking forward to it. The main issue I can see will be making sure to provide enough water for everything, whether or not we get a well this year. Fortunately, with rain water collection (I should really get gutters on my cabin as soon as I am back there), and the natural damp areas on the land, it shouldn’t be a large issue.

I am expecting to hear a report about the cabin soon, too, which is exciting. I am guessing that if it’s still standing now, it probably will be when I get back.

For anyone interested, here is a list of the seeds I’ve gotten so far. Note that it doesn’t include Travis’ seeds,  for no reason other than I ran out of the house today with my list only. He has  huckleberries, parsnips, green garden bells… lots more

Nasturtium- Empress of India
California Poppies
Marigolds- French Vanilla
Cleome (Spider Flower)
Bachelor’s Buttons

Beans (pole)- Purple Peacock
Beans (runner)- Painted Lady
Snap Peas- Sugar Daddy
Radish Watermelon
Lemon Cucumbers
Brussels Sprouts- Red Bull
Kale- Dinosaur
Beets- Lutz Winterkeeper
Scallions- Apache

Squash, etc.
Spaghetti Squash
Pumpkin- Lumina
Climbing Italian Summer Squash
Vegetable Marrow
Crafters Gourds

Garlic Chives
Basil- Cinnamon

Corn (sweet)- Triple Play
Corn (flour)- Anasazi
Popcorn- Pink

I still have a fairly lengthy list of things to get, and it seems to keep growing…