New Q for Treason Zine

The 13th issue of my zine Q for Treason is out. It’s about building the cabin in PEI, living there last year, etc.

Let me know if you’d like a copy.


It’s raining out, OK?

I am reading the book Carrots Love Tomatoes, recommended by Martha Stewart and about companion planting, preparing teas and other things to protect plants from disease/infestation. I wasn’t sure what to expect from it, but for a fairly short book, it’s packed with information on which plants assist each other by being planted nearby (or planted after), which shouldn’t be planted together, and why. It includes cultivated and wild plants, as well as some flowers and unusual vegetables, in addition to the regular ones. I’m going to try following the author’s suggestions this year and see how it goes. I made a diagram for myself, including the plants I plan to grow this year (mostly) that benefit from being planted together and the ones that inhibit growth if planted too closely.

I also used wordle to make word clouds for Travis and my blogs. His is the one with the huge “garden”. The larger the word is, the more occurrences of it there are in the blog.
Wordle: Peakes PEI Blog

Wordle: Homohill Blog

Three weeks until I am in PEI. I’m so excited!