I’ve been back in PEI for a little over a week now. My house is still in fine condition, so that’s really great. All winter I wondered about whether it would leak or explode in flames or whatever.
Spring has been late coming here, but tulips are blooming, and leaves are appearing on trees. Apple blossoms just started budding on one of our trees. I have been digging garden beds by hand and it’s going somewhat quickly but the field is huge so it feels slow sometimes. I’ve planted a fair amount so far, though- rhubarb, asparagus, horseradish and peonies that have been passed down from my grandfather in Toronto to my mother, moved to London, Ontario, to Edmonton to Vancouver and now here. Also culver’s root, shell peas, snap peas, snow peas, wild bergamot, mullein, Love in a Mist, calendula, radishes, a brassica from seeds my parents got in Japan, lanterns, dotted mint, beet berry, Jerusalem artichokes, mizspoona mustard greens, and some other things that I have forgotten right now. The mizspoona just poked above the surface yesterday. For trees: some eastern cedar, red pine and white spruce and a sugar maple.
Still so much more to plant!

Around the corner, a walking trail around two large ponds was just improved. It’s actually really pretty and has some tall trees for PEI. In addition to the trail being close-by, I am fairly certain that the marshy, natural land across the road is connected to the land with the trail. So I want to find my own short cut.

As much as I am enjoying the planting, and excited about that, I am also really into eating wild foods. There is a lot of land on our property that has been left to its own devices for years, so there are berries, wild flowers and greens, in addition to the volunteer apple trees. I know some of the basic wild edible foods around in a lot of places, but am just beginning to learn about foods specific to this area.

In addition to the time on the land, I’ve been going to events and seeing people. A couple of days ago I met up with some friends at a folk dance in Emyvale. It happens every month, and excitingly includes square dancing, which I have missed doing for a couple of years. Fortunately I wasn’t too rusty. Yesterday I met some of the same people in Stratford at the dandelion festival, which included various workshops and natural/dandelion-related booths and activities. Have I mentioned there are tonnes of dandelions everywhere? It’s awesome, since I think they are way nicer than lawn, and apparently there are more stringent laws on spraying herbicides on the island. In the evening, Travis and I picked four shopping bags of dandelions, and started brewing a carboy of thick dandelion beer.

Well, that’s the quick update.