The weather’s been patchy lately: a few days of cold rain, a couple days of warm sun, etc. so I am never sure what to plant. I’m digging a bed for corn, which I’ll plant tomorrow or the next day, though, and the weather’s looking warmer if not exactly dry. Everything’s still just beginning to grow, but I’ll probably have some pictures soon.
I’ve had some relaxing days lately, playing Ticket to Ride, a German train board game, etc. but also started putting cedar shingles on the outside of the cabin which I’m really happy about since old, torn tar paper from last year isn’t exactly the aesthetic I’m going for. Soon I’ll get started on a screened-in deck and porch.
I had one of the weirdest wildlife encounters this morning. I went outside and as soon as I started peeing, I heard a loud buzz and a hummingbird flew out of the bushes towards me. It buzzed aroud my pee until I had finished and then darted away.


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