It’s been hot for a month now and the garden is really starting to grow. I have cucumber, pumpkin, vegetable marrow, Italian summer squash, lots of dry and snap beans, corn, beets, kale, scallions, peas, sorrel, horseradish, and various other things on the go. Oh, and the thing I am most excited about: 3 cardoons, which I have never seen or eaten, but which are related to artichokes, produce edible leaves and stalks and are perennial. Slugs managed to eat a lot during the cool, wet weather but that’s the way things go, I guess. Fortunately there are lots of good farmers markets so I’ll still be eating well, and more than enough projects to keep me busy on the land.
I keep taking pictures, and then not having my camera when I go online, or finding that I don’t want to post them because they are so out-dated. Next time, maybe?
Lately I’ve been working on the cabin a fair bit, putting cedar shingles on the outside wall and a large porch on two sides of the cabin, including part that will be screened-in and have a hammock inside.
I went on a small bike trip to Rollo Bay for Fiddle Fest, and then on to East Point, in the North, extreme-east of PEI. This was pretty nice since up until 10km of the 70km trip, I was able to ride the rail trail only a few minutes’ ride from the land.


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