The evening before last I was biking home just after posting the last blog post. Oh yeah, just as of recently I have internet access a 5-minute bike ride away. After hours, I hang out, outside a lodge at the wheelchair accessible fishing ponds, and the lodge has wifi, an outdoor plug, a new water tap and a picnic table. It’s basically my new home office. Anyway, I pulled in to my driveway and a truck that I didn’t recognize followed in right after me. A neighbour who I had just met once last year dropped by to give me a large box of black currants. I was almost speechless as nothing makes me as happy as plentiful free delicious food. In two separate sittings I ate enough currants to give me a stomach ache, but obviously I had to do something other that eat them straight. So, I made black currant honey jam (honey and cooked-down currants) from that book on preserving without canning or freezing, and a large jar of cordial (currants + sugar + brandy).


One thought on “Currants!”

  1. Gosh, I wish we could give him something in return! Maybe slugs? This is what country living dreams are made of!

    Ps, my bus to Moncton has wifi, so I am typing this on the road! The future is NOW!

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