Vegetable pictures

Here are some pictures of vegetable from and in the garden. Vegetable marrow and Italian summer squash (both sort of like glorified zucchini, ha ha) and purple scallions in this first picture.

The Italian summer squash has taken over the borage and the rest of this garden bed.

Lemon cucumber

Here are the one variety of beans I planted that did really well- a heritage variety of yellowy-orange dry beans. I am pretty excited about them since, if they managed to thrive in the wet, cloudy, sluggy weather we had, I bet they would do well in a good year.

These are the pods setting on the bean plants.

One of the beets.

Cardoon! This is the plant I was most excited about this year. I went way out of my way to get seeds for this perennial relative of the artichoke, and it’s been growing quite well. I am really interested to see it next year.

Horseradish, mullein, calendula, um, a gnome…

These are not from the garden, which is great. I’ve been picking chantrelles at a couple of places near the land. I am so into it. Next year, I’ll hopefully not have to leave and be able to dry a bunch for winter.


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