More Cabin Pictures

It’s a rainy day and I have exiled myself to Charlottetown to do work on the computer, and am mostly being successful with that, but I’m taking a break to post a few more photos of the cabin.

I put up the second bat house yesterday, and it seems as though it is needed. I was starting on the last few shingles when I heard an angry squeak coming from behind the tar paper. I quickly ripped out the shingle I’d just started nailing in, hoping I hadn’t pierced a bat and then slowly peeled back the tar paper. Yeah, one of the bats had chosen to sleep under the tar paper attached to my house about a foot away from the first bat house. I gently picked her up with gloved hands and tried to show her the house, but she few away into the trees. Oh well, hopefully the bats adopt the houses soon.


One thought on “More Cabin Pictures”

  1. Such a beautiful turquoise you choose! Like the tropical ocean… It’s so awesome that you are sharing your house with the bats! You know you are in harmony with your ecosystem when…

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