Merman and Boughton Island

I left PEI a week ago, and am back in Vancouver working again. Before I left, Travis and I went for one last visit to Boughton Island. It’s one of my favourite places in PEI, and (not completely) coincidentally is a ghost town, or ghost island. Back when people used small boats to get around more, it probably wasn’t a big deal to live on a 600 acre island really close to the main island of PEI, especially since during low tide, a sand bar makes it easy to walk between the islands. Anyways, up until 60-some years ago, people lived on the island and at one point there was a cannery. For the past 65 years or so, the island has been left to do its own thing and forested areas have taken over the places where people lived. I haven’t been to the centre part yet, but apparently there are ruins of buildings in there.
Something I like about ghost towns is how they show that left alone, plants and animals quickly take over. Boughton Island shows this extremely well. Walking around the island, disturbing eagles and many other birds, and listening to the seals, I wouldn’t have known by looking at it that there had been any human disturbance, other than perhaps logging some decades ago. Anyways, so this island was slated to become a resort but is now cared for by the Nature Conservancy of Canada, thankfully.

Boughton Island:

Later the same day, we looked at an abandoned school house:

One of my last, but most important tasks before leaving was painting a sign for the land. After some thought and potential names, which Travis  talks about on his blog, we settled on Merman, or something with Merman in it (Like Merman Meadows), in recognition of Mermaid, the PEI community with the most ridiculously great name. This is actually saying quite a bit, since PEI is known for its cute and/or quirky place names- Lady Fane, Oyster Bed Bridge, Crapaud, Cardigan Head, Saint Peter and Saint Paul,Tea Hill, and then also names from somewhere else like Toronto, Alaska and Hebron. I wish I could post a comparison picture of the Mermaid sign. Mermaid, PE has a very similar sign but obviously with a mermaid on it.


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