Counting Down to PEI

I should be back on the island in a month and a half or so(!), depending on how long it takes me to get there over land. I am really looking forward to being out in the country, seeing PEI friends, fixing up the cabin interior and working on other projects. Travis and I ordered some unusual fruit seeds the other day – 2 types of hardy kiwi, paw-paw, and some other things.

I just heard from Byron, my closest punk neighbour, who said my cabin survived the winter again, but has one broken window, probably from some people who were driving around celebrating new years. It’s actually really nice because it sounds like Byron, the organic farmer Byron works for, and the neighbour behind us have been looking out for us, and the place, asking around about the window and stuff. Also, they asked around, and found some lumber that we thought was stolen at the end of last summer.

My plans for the land this year are to re-do/finish the interior. The plaster inside didn’t work out the way I wanted it to; it’s  rough and crumbly in places, so I am going to remove it and cover the lath in something else, probably re-purposed pallets. Once that’s finished I can put boards on the floor (more pallets?), making the inside easier to keep clean, and more enjoyable to spend time in. Then I can maybe get around to making curtains or something. Who knows. Maybe look around for a stove with a working oven so I can expand the catering business. Right now I am dreaming of being out there as long as I want, instead of having commitments back west.

Another project I want to start is building brush walls in the field. I want to divide off smaller areas for gardens and maybe tree nursery beds, use the walls to block wind and provide habitat for small creatures. Maybe I’ll plant some asparagus and other perennials as well.