Hardy Kiwis, Asparagus and the Brush Wall

I’ve been back on the Island for a little while now, and staying away from the internet for the most part. Here’s a picture from the roof of the cabin, looking out over the lane.

Here is a nursery bed for fruit vines/trees. So far it has two varieties of hardy kiwi in it, and space for medlars (to plant a little later), and persimmon (to plant next year, after it’s spent a winter in the cold cabin). In the back you can see the beginning of the brush wall Travis and I are building. So far the robins love it.


One of the asparagus trenches! Carla Emery says each person needs 15 asparagus plants, but I figure I need at least double that. I am happy to put in a lot of work initially (and a few years of waiting) for 25 years of payoff. This year, I have really been thinking a lot about perennial vegetables, herbs and of course fruit. One of our first meals here was a miso soup featuring sorel and chives; my sorel plants from seed last year are thriving, and I was really happy to have some fresh greens ready as soon as I arrived.

I dug the asparagus trench above and another, but only have room for about 15-18 plants so far. I planted about 100 seeds (the germination is uneven), so I am hoping for the best. Maybe I’ll plant more next year.

Speaking of perennial vegetables, a friend just gave me a chunk of nettles which she brought from Montreal, and I am excited to start in the garden. I love them, and PEI doesn’t have them as readily available growing wild as I am used to.

That’s it for now.


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