The asparagus is growing!


Well, first off, the asparagus is starting to grow! This is really exciting. It’s tiny, but doubles every few days or so. These are the asparagus crowns a friend gave us. The seeds still won’t be due to sprout for possibly another week.


I am starting to build another hugel as well. Right now it’s the pile of rotting logs and wood chips on cardboard in the background, but next year it will look more like the flower/herb garden in front. There are so many butterflies, bumble bees and honey bees around the garden this year, and way more berries everywhere than last year. Perhaps something to do with the constant frigid rain we had a year ago. . . 


Here’s the small nettle bed, with a couple borage plants that self-seeded last year. 


And a tiny lavender from the eccentric  Five Sisters Lavender Farm. Below is the bed with four tiny lavenders in it.Image

That’s about it for me, for now. Unless you have any idea of something I could do with these triangles. I was scavenging lumber with Cud yesterday, and these are good for something, but what?Image


3 thoughts on “The asparagus is growing!”

  1. Hi Reece: I think you could use the triangles to make a little A frame nursery for plants that need more warmth to get started: use the A’s on the ends, and windows(old ones ?)on one side, boards or window on the other side…If it gets cold, cles the flaps, if it heats up, lift one flap up…could also be portable to various parts of the land…Grandps used to do that only he had the nursery propped up on a sunny side of the garage..Love Mom

  2. Reece, the plants and inside of the house look amazing, you’re awesome but you continually amaze me with how awesome you are.

    Those triangles are Triforces of Power (from the legend of zelda). Didn’t you ever see the cartoon? (You could youtube “excuse me princess” if you forget). I think you just just label them as such and stick them on the front of your house for good luck and magical protection 🙂

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