Floors and Signs

Things have been going really well on the land – the rhubarb I transplanted at an improper time is starting to grow a leaf; the transplanted nettles are thriving, and the asparagus continues to grow wildly. Even the lemon verbena herb that I gave up on is sprouting new leaves and looking OK. This is good, since I have been concentrating on stuff around the cabin. I put in the floor boards (see picture of it half-done above), using scavenged pallets and fence boards, sanded it well, and then added a couple of coats of linseed oil. I also made signs for the compost toilet and shower, also above.

We found hardy kiwis in Brudenell of all places the other day, so had to buy them, though there are hardy kiwi seeds in the ground right now.

Things were hectic and funny with all the furniture and the sink outside while I did the floors, but thankfully the chaos is almost over. It’s kind of hard to do that sort of thing when there is only one small room to live in. Oh well. I have been dreaming of making an addition next year of a living room, bedroom and root cellar, so we’ll see.


One thought on “Floors and Signs”

  1. We will just have to drive out next summer and bring the garage to furnish your expansion!!
    Photos look great. I think the elf will be right at home.

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