Nothing Accomplished

I am happy to say I have no pictures of anything because I spent 4 days in a row at the beach, drank local cranberry wine, beer and whiskey (not all at once) hung out with Laurence and Kai who are heading back west, and read graphic novels in the hammock in the screened in porch. I can’t spend all my time working on things, ha ha. Travis and I even took a tipsy nighttime walk over to Peakes Tee, the local bar/golfcourse, where the only people hanging out on a Monday night were punks. Punks that were friends or friends of friends; it was sort of a funny coincidence.

The wild strawberries are out, and my garlic scapes are in abundance; the farmers’ market has lots of inexpensive organic stuff, and Byron dropped off some extra from their stall the other day too. So, yeah, everything’s great.


2 thoughts on “Nothing Accomplished”

  1. Hey guys! I just sent you an email. My partner and I picked up your zine in Montreal and are heading your general direction aiming for the middle of next week. Let us know if you’re around! We’d love to meet you folks if you’re free. It’s all in the email, but my number is 805-798-3036, and my partner’s is 914-325-6416. We don’t have the smart phone stuff, so that’s the best way to get hold of us. Hopefully see you soon?


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