This is a funny post. I am not in PEI any more; I am getting ready for a trip to Yukon. It is kind of sad because though I am really excited about canoeing and hiking in Yukon for a few weeks, I really didn’t want to leave the island.

Before I left, I completed a giant squid mosaic in the cabin. It’s part of my ongoing project of replacing the natural plaster, which I don’t like  (it’s too crumbly and dusty, mainly). I made the squid of old dishes, bottles, crushed shells, and red pebbles.

I also made a scrappy woodshed out of pallets and uh, scraps, and put a half-assed green roof on it. The layers of the green roof are: OSB, layers of overlapping vapour barrier (really this should be a pond liner, but I am too cheap, and it’s just a scrappy, tiny wood shed), gravel for drainage, landscaping fabric to keep soil out of the gravel, homemade wood chips/bark mulch, and soil. The pictures show one layer after another going on, and the finished product with some transplants from around the land. I just chose things with shallow roots that grow in the sun – daisies, plantain, wild strawberries, that sort of thing. We’ll see how it goes.


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