New Zine

I just finished a new zine about my trip to Yukon and NWT. The zine is mostly about traveling to ghost towns by canoe. Paper copies will be ready in a few days, but in case anyone likes reading things online, here it is. If you would like a paper copy, let me know and I will send you one (or give it to you if you are nearby).

Also, I am almost halfway done my time away from the island! I am so excited. Yet again, I have plans for next year that are way too ambitious, but that’s fun. A root cellar is at the top of the list, so if anyone has had any experience building one that they would like to share, I would be interested, especially experience building it somewhere where the frost line is 3 feet down (or more).


4 thoughts on “New Zine”

  1. would love a paper copy! This is Patrick (of Torben and Patrick who stayed on your land last summer for a couple days while you were away). My address is: 142 Dove Street, Albany, NY 12202, United States. Hope to make it up there again, and hopefully sometime when you are also there! Good luck with the planting in your new Zone 6.

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