An idea that Travis and I have been tossing around is someday offering a scrappy, DIY artist/writer/zines writer/etc. in residency on our land, along the same lines as the Roberts St. one in Halifax. Where, basically, we would offer a small cabin, a typewriter, miscellaneous supplies, maybe a bike, and the space to hang out on our land and work on a project, and then perhaps have a fun little show or opening or something at the end, if it was that sort of a project.

I’m really enthusiastic about this, though it’s not going to happen this year anyway, due to the lack of a guest cabin as well as planning. I think it would be fun to invite people who don’t necessarily know either of us/know us well to come spend some time out there working on their own project.

I am interested to hear other people’s opinions about something like this. Spending a month in a tiny cabin without electricity working on a project sounds good to me, but I wonder if it would appeal to other people, particularly people who might not know us/well. If you have thoughts, let me know. I’m also thinking about parameters, length of time … the Roberts St. one is 2 weeks long, but since we’re out of the city, I imagine 3 or 4 weeks might be more worthwhile for people.

Would you do something like this? Would it change if you knew or didn’t know the people? Would you want to have the option of doing some garden or building work? Let me know if you’ve been a something-in-residence and what your experience was like.

Also let me know if you want to build a guest cabin on the land, ha ha. And start thinking about maritime adventures this summer! Legs, I am talking to you. Also the rest of you reading this. The worst thing about last summer was all the people who wanted to visit PEI while we were in Yukon.



January has sped by, and I am busy making plans for PEI, and counting down until April, when I leave. I’m making an effort not to go overboard with getting too many seeds like I did a couple of years ago, but there are so many awesome things that can grow in the maritimes. And global warming has given us a new zone 6 rating…

So, I am thinking of growing some new things:

  • Asian Pears! I love these, and they are apparently easy trees to grow. I’m planning on getting the varieties Xiang (quince flavour), Hayatama (tropical tasting), and Chojuro… which apparently tastes like butterscotch. Even if they just taste like the apple pears at the grocery store, I’d be pretty happy.
  • Persimmon (the North American kind is hardy to zone 4/5)
  • wine grapes
  • sweet potatoes- there are actually some cold-season sweet potatoes from Nova Scotia, which I’m interested in trying.

Perennial veggies:

  • Turkish Rocket
  • Chinese artichokes
  • Egyptian onions
  • more asparagus
  • hops (I guess beer is a vegetable dish?)

And some other great but regular things like summer and winter squash, beans, kale, lemon cucumbers, etc. See, I totally have a reasonable list of things to plant, and definitely won’t go overboard this year. Honestly. I visited the seed store for the first time in the year last week.

I am planning on building an extension on the cabin as well, and a root cellar, so it will be a busy spring/summer/fall,… etc.

I am really happy about going out there again without having plans to have leave for work (finally).