An idea that Travis and I have been tossing around is someday offering a scrappy, DIY artist/writer/zines writer/etc. in residency on our land, along the same lines as the Roberts St. one in Halifax. Where, basically, we would offer a small cabin, a typewriter, miscellaneous supplies, maybe a bike, and the space to hang out on our land and work on a project, and then perhaps have a fun little show or opening or something at the end, if it was that sort of a project.

I’m really enthusiastic about this, though it’s not going to happen this year anyway, due to the lack of a guest cabin as well as planning. I think it would be fun to invite people who don’t necessarily know either of us/know us well to come spend some time out there working on their own project.

I am interested to hear other people’s opinions about something like this. Spending a month in a tiny cabin without electricity working on a project sounds good to me, but I wonder if it would appeal to other people, particularly people who might not know us/well. If you have thoughts, let me know. I’m also thinking about parameters, length of time … the Roberts St. one is 2 weeks long, but since we’re out of the city, I imagine 3 or 4 weeks might be more worthwhile for people.

Would you do something like this? Would it change if you knew or didn’t know the people? Would you want to have the option of doing some garden or building work? Let me know if you’ve been a something-in-residence and what your experience was like.

Also let me know if you want to build a guest cabin on the land, ha ha. And start thinking about maritime adventures this summer! Legs, I am talking to you. Also the rest of you reading this. The worst thing about last summer was all the people who wanted to visit PEI while we were in Yukon.


7 thoughts on “Artistes”

  1. Hey there! I am Reese and Travis’s friend and pei neighbor, Carina. Just sayin’ that I LOVE this idea and I think people shoulds totally jump on this opportunity because they have BEAUTIFUL land and are amazing people!!!! PEI is also a pretty + quiet and fun place to create artwork which it could do with way more of. Because art is rad!
    Nywayzz that is all for now. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Nicole! I am not sure if I will be building this summer – there is already a root cellar, an extension to my cabin, and lot sof gardening planned. Maybe early next year, in time for in-residence people to come in July/August? We will see… I want it to happen!

  2. Hey Reece, Patrick again. I’ve got years of pretty simplistic carpentry experience, and I would love to help you build a structure of some kind on your land. Getting out to PEI is of course somewhat of an adventure in itself, so I’d think a longer residence might be better for someone trekking out there. I mean, heck, I’d easily consider spending an entire summer on the island if there were some kind of big project that I wanted to accomplish (a film? a book? a cabin?). You could also offer group residencies if you managed to build some sort of larger space or at least a communal kitchen/facilities area with camping around.

    I want to quit my job and move out of upstate new york within the next year, so I think when that happens I’d be down to help with whatever you want to build. But in a more general sense, I think this idea is great. Your land is beautiful and PEI is just strange enough to draw the wild artsy types, and isolated enough for the introvert writer or poet.

    Here’s a place I stayed at recently, and a few friends of mine actually went to officially as a residence that was pretty nice:

    also another one that another friend attended in New Brunswick:

    Keep in touch!

    1. Hey Patrick, awesome! That’s really cool about upstate NY, I really like that area. Thanks for the links – just a brief response cause I am at work right now, but I will check them out. I’ll be mailing you soon.

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