Getting Busy …

This is the first year I’ve been feeling almost too busy in PEI – like that there are way too many tasks that are the first priority and have to be done right away. Mostly, I’ve just been digging large garden beds. I think this is the first year I have been really serious about growing a substantial amount of food. I have been working on large, boring but sensible rows with proper spacing for what I want to plant.

I figure growing food has to be the very first, first priority, though the cabin and area surrounding the cabin needs some work (though we’ve been chipping away at this bit by bit). So far I have planted tubers of crosnes (a French delicacy that looks like a fat grub) and Jerusalem artichokes, and a bunch of seeds – fava beans, kale, chard, black chickpeas, maybe some other things. I’ve started digging beds for squash and cucumbers. I also planted 8 varieties of hops (one is in the image here). I dug spots for the fruit trees that are supposed to come any day now. When it’s sunny, and there is a breeze to keep away the black flies, the digging is actually really pleasant, especially since I got a battery-powered tape/CD player and radio. I’ve been listening to the live Ramones album and New Flesh from St. John’s, and just digging as much as I can for the past while. IMG_0559

Yesterday Travis and I just sat down in the sun, in the field and hung out for a while, and that was really nice. I guess I need to  remember to relax, even when it feels like there is a lot to do. I went to a show at Baba’s the other night as well, which was really great. It’s so good to be on land, but a 40-minute drive away from a place with punk shows.

We started some kim chi, miso and sauerkraut as well. Beer is next.