Two years ago, I built a couple of bat boxes for bats to sleep in. It was something I had wanted to do anyway, and I was prompted to do it right away when I accidentally disturbed bats living under tarpaper attached to my wall. I was putting on shingles, so they lost access to the tar paper and never seemed interested in the houses I built. Then, last year, the white nose syndrome really hit the maritimes, and it seemed like the houses would be vacant for a long time. Lately, though, Travis and I both noticed what we thought was a bat near the house. Then I identified bat guano under the boxes. Last evening, while I was showing it to Travis, a bat flew Out! It was awesome.


I am really enjoying life right now. Several varieties of squash, beans, and cucumbers, as well as other things, are growing well thanks to the warm weather we have been enjoying here. A robin has parked her nest at eye level on a large spruce outside my door, and even though I try to leave her alone, I can’t help but notice the two little robins that stick their heads out when she’s out getting food for them. I hear birds all the time, all over our land, and see a lot of them as well. Here is a picture of the cabin, with wildflowers.

photo (1)

IMG_0581 The picture on the side is one of the bigger garden beds I have been working on this year. The picture is a week or so old, but you can see the potato onions in the front, and the fava beans in a row. Also in the bed are brown chickpeas, some beans, and a tomato, and a few other things.

Today we went over to Byron and Carina’s to help them  weed their market garden, and drink Schooner’s.  It was sunny and hot but with a breeze to keep the bugs away. A slumped over, seated scare crow watched over us. We dreamed about having a rural PEI fest after Harbour Water Fest (DIY/punk fest in Halifax) next year. I tried to feed the piglets some buckwheat greens, but lately they have been eating leftovers from the restaurant/bar/golf course Carina works at, and just rooted through the microgreens looking for fries, I think. Yesterday I got two big buckets of used vegetable oil from Carina’s work, and got busy making some vegetable oil lamps. I followed some directions I found and surprisingly they work really well. It’s just old oil, a jar and a wick make of old t-shirt. It doesn’t even really smell like fried food or anything when you burn them.

I”m looking forward to summer visitors and beach weather …