Blueberry Beer & Cucumbers

it’s fall, and Travis says I have been doing country-time pursuits. This is mostly because I am telling him the good stuff – making 2 batches of blueberry wine and one of blueberry ale with 2 colossal bins of reject organic blueberries, supervising the making of a cider press from scrap lumber and bicycles, baking, weeding, watching the squash path die down, and the rutabagas begin to get big, harvesting the dry beans and black chickpeas. It is all pretty wholesome.

I dumpstered a ridiculous amount of yarn the other day, and then found this video about how to knit fast and easy without needles (a blanket in an hour) so I am going to try it.

Mostly I have been working on the addition. It’s a shock to have another room in the cabin. I will take some pics of the inside soon. I am just working on insulating it now. It’s  the home for some drying beans and the fermenting beverages for now.

I am still getting a lot of cucumbers and tomatoes from the garden, and some summer squash and other things too. It’s good times.

That’s about it for now.



I am just on the internet briefly so no time to write a post, but here is some pics of food, mostly. Will update in more detail soon.