6-month miso

It’s mid-November already, somehow. I am still eating a lot of squash, and also Jerusalem artichokes, beets, chard, garlic, beans, and probably some other things from the garden. I pulled some ripening but anemic-looking tomatoes out of the box, wrapped in newspaper. Life is pretty good. It’s still pretty mild here, but starting to get colder. Fortunately I have a lot of firewood.

Pictures above are: Byron and Carina’s pigs (for Mom) – they are not mine. I fed them some dumpstered candy yesterday. A cross section of one of the warty Galeux d’Eysines squash, and 6-month-old miso. I tasted it for the first time today. It’s pretty good. We’ll see what it is like in another 6 months.

One thing that is exciting is that an organic farmer nearby plowed a huge, huge garden plot for us to plant next year. It will be so great not having to dig everything by hand. I want to grow so much food, especially things that can be stored a while, and extra-especially things that can be stored in the ground, like rutabagas. I never did build that root cellar, and next year I am doing no building projects. I figure if it’s here in writing then I have to stick to it.