Cookies and Snowshoeing

It’s been wintry again for the past while, and I’ve been working on art projects, baking and snowshoeing. So wholesome! Above are some cookies I made a little while ago, the guest /artist in residence cottage (to be completed this spring!), and some of the 300 brand new shirts, backpacks, and shorts I dumpstered a little while ago. I have a summertime art project in mind for them, and am pretty excited by it.

I have a show of screen prints in July at Baba’s, so that’s something to look forward to, and a Byrnes Rd. show in August … funny that summer is already starting to take shape.

Despite all the thoughts about summer, winter is definitely always on my mind right now. It’s important to keep the wood stove going, and to plan to stay home when possible if it’s going to be too hard to get the car out of the driveway. Fortunately my first winter at the cabin is not nearly as hard as I thought it might be. I am usually pretty warm, the days are getting brighter, and I think I am putting my time to pretty good use. I don’t miss electricity too often, or even think about it much at home, though I am happy to visit the library and the watershed centre where I am doing some work. So, everything is good.


It was winter, now it’s not

I was all set for winter to continue to settle in. At first it was very cold, especially in December where the temperatures dipped very low for PEI for a long stretch and all the old folks were talking about it being an old-fashioned winter. Now it’s been above freezing for a week, more or less, and the formerly knee-deep snow barely reaches above my ankles. Here are a couple of pictures of the cabin before the melt.

I am sorry that the snowshoeing isn’t so hot right now, but glad that it’s easy to keep a place warm. But there could still be a cold snap some time.

I am down to 9 winter squashes, which means I have eaten … over 20, almost single-handedly, since some time in September. Not bad. No surprise that I have a pot of squash soup waiting at home.