Snow, Ghost, and Pukaskwa

There was a ridiculous amount of snow last week – 90 cm fell in 5 days or something. Snowshoes were essential for walking anywhere on the land and even then I would sometimes end up, up to my knee in dry, powdery snow. It was so much fun. But I don’t mind that it’s been melting a bit the last few days. The piles at the end of the driveway were around 6′ tall, and the driveway was starting to get very narrow. Narrow enough that, after seeing Travis and I shovelling our long driveway by hand, I think a road plow-er took pity on us and plowed some of the snow away, because the end of the driveway was suddenly wide enough to back the car in comfortably. The snow has been extra cool because I have been dog-sitting Ghost while Byron and Carina are in England, and it’s hilarious to watch the dog swim into the snow.

One of the things I have been busy doing lately is applying to a few parks to be their artist-in-residence, and applying for some local things too. I was really happy to hear last week that I was accepted at Pukaskwa National Park in northern Ontario. I am really excited about canoeing, caribou, and wearing a black turtle neck and beret, ha. It should be really fun.