Digging out the garden

A couple of days ago Travis and I did something I never thought I would do – shovel snow off the garden. In (almost-mid) April. But it was worth it. The sun did the rest, and I think tomorrow we’ll be able to plant fava beans and maybe some chickpeas and soup peas.  The pictures above are a day post-shovelling. It’s amazing how fast the snow is melting up on the hill where the field is. In the hollow where the cabin is, it’s still easy to fall into the snow up to your knees on soft spots. Pussy willows are starting to come out, though.

Also, my project got accepted for Art in the Open, Charlottetown’s outdoor arts festival in August. I just found out today and am really excited. Remember those 300 shirts, pairs of shorts and backpacks I dumptered? I am going to screen print them, string them up, and give them away as an installation about corporate waste (and the amazingness of free stuff).



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