Summer Again

tilling The weather got cold again, and I started taking pictures of all the perennial things around – sorrel, nettles, fruit trees (which won’t bear fruit for a long while), sunchokes, and lots of flowers – old-fashioned peonies that were passed down to my mother from her father, echinops, etc. Anyways, I imagined appreciating perennial things, but then the weather improved and yesterday was tilling day. In the picture above you can see that I am tiny and in the background, attached to a rototiller. In a few days it will finally be time to start planting squash and beans, and I am so excited. The annual things are so dramatic.




It’s basically summer + art website

Lots has changed since the last post. It’s 20 degrees and sunny, and I sent yesterday and this morning gardening. In the ground right now are: black chickpeas, potato onions, potatoes, fava beans, snap peas, borage, calendula, hull-less oats and barley, Hakurei turnips, and probably some other things. There are massive quantities of most things, so that’s exciting. This is by far the largest garden I’ve ever planted, even with what is just in the ground now. And of course my favourite things – dry beans, winter squash, and cucumber get planted later.

I have a new art-related website with pics of the stuff I have been working on:

That’s about it for now. I’ll have some pictures of the garden when there is something more than a few centimetres high.