Seals and Potato Onions

Travis and canoed out around a bunch of islands in Murray Harbour, and saw so many curious seals. They surrounded the canoe at one point, dove in the water, and followed us along some of the way. There was also an old shack on one of the islands.

Gardenwise, things are going well. We have a lot planted now, though most of it will not really be ready until late summer/early fall. My exciting finding was that the potato onions I planted last year to try to overwinter survived. Potato onions are shallots that taste like onions and multiply like garlic, though there are not quite as hardy as garlic. I thought I’d try heavily mulching them in fall, and see what happened. The ones I planted in fall are significantly taller than the ones I planted in spring. Not bad considering this isn’t really a suggested practice in colder areas.

I really want to write something called The Lazy and Unprepared Gardener. I think it could fill a gap in the gardening book market.


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