Quetico Part 2

OK, here is another post I wrote over a week ago, during my artist residency in Quetico Provincial Park when I didn’t have access to internet.

August 6
I’ve been working in the Quetico artist studio pretty consistently for days, though stopping to swim out back pretty regularly too. Tomorrow is a final day trip on the canoe, and then an open studio and a workshop. Then my time here is sadly over. I completed 4 prints – two that will stay in the collection here at the park, and two that Friends of Quetico is purchasing to auction off in Toronto in the fall. Here are pics of the pieces I made based loosely on photos I took of fungus, pine needs, lichen, etc. during the canoe trip. Also some pictures of the studio that I wish I had more than 2 weeks in.

Here are the four pieces I created while at Quetico. Two are staying at the provincial park gallery, and two are being auctioned off by Friends of Quetico in Toronto this fall.



One thought on “Quetico Part 2”

  1. Hi Travis and Reece. I think about you guys all the time. Reece, this clothing project was brilliant. What an incredible idea! I hope you’re both doing well and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you’ll both join us for another crazy Christmas at Elly’s house.

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