Squash Wars: Buttercup


During my Turban squash search, I noticed that Buttercup (not to be confused with Butternut) squashes have the beginning of a little butt coming out of their bud spot, like an undeveloped Turban. I wondered about their flavour, and tried to remember if I had ever tasted a high-quality Buttercup squash.

Reading about them, I learned Buttercup is one of the parents of Turban, so naturally I decided to give it a try. I picked one up at Karma Food Co-op and was not disappointed. While it doesn’t have that elusive hazelnut flavour, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say it had a bit of a chestnut flavour, and just the right level of sweetness – that is not overpowering but quite pleasant. If Butternut is the standard to measure against, I would say it’s on par: not a squash to mount a campaign looking for, but a great reliable option.



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