Honeynut Adventure


I got back from my Vancouver winter visit with a longing for Tiger Stripe, aka Honeynut Butternut squash. There was some good squash there, but nothing approaching honeynut’s maple syrup flavour, and none I would consider eating as a dessert. I didn’t see any at the food co-op where I normally got them, but they had run out before and also sent some back for being in poor condition, so I figured they might get some again. I knew which farm the squash had come from, and found their contact info on their website but thought I would wait until the co-op’s produce manager was in again so I could check in with him before going overboard and contacting the farmer. The next day, I called the produce manager. He was awesome as usual, but delivered the sad news that the squash were not available from the farm they had initially come from. He had been getting them from a second farm, it turned out, and they had removed them from their order form after the quality had gone down, so he figured they were out but gave me the name of the farm anyway so I could check.

I called the farm and they were out. I asked if they had filled any orders recently and they gave me the name of one store and one food delivery service that had the more recent orders, but warned me that they had no idea if they still had any left. I felt very driven to track down these delicious squash, and felt sad that I had missed out on some opportunities to eat them in the fall when I wanted to try other varieties. The food delivery service was out of the honeynut, but when I called the grocery store, the produce guy there said they had almost half a case left. So I asked him to put aside the half case, and made my way to the Danforth, halfway across the city, to pick up my treasure.

The squash are definitely on the older side, but I did get a case discount and the good ones are pure, sweet squash heaven. I’ve been eating them steaming hot, roasted and totally plain every evening for dessert, sometimes accompanied by frozen banana “ice cream“.



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