Squash Wars: Kabocha

IMG_2014I can’t believe I haven’t written about kabocha squash yet but apparently not. Weird, since I have eaten almost as many of these as the honeynuts this fall/winter. They are basically my go-to squash since they range from very good to excellent in flavour and texture, and are usually fairly available. Plus you can eat the skin, conveniently.

So, yeah, kabocha – thick, dense flesh bordering on the coveted floury/flaky texture, and a sweet but never cloying flavour pretty close to sweet potato. Occasionally a bit bland but usually not. I am a fan, and have been getting great ones from the farmer’s market in Toronto. Vancouver had OK kabochas as well.

Kabochas are great just cut in half and baked, with or without a tahini dressing. They don’t need much. Also good cut up in chunks (peel on is fine) in vegetable soup, or inside sushi.


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