Squash Wars (sort of): Bitter Melon?

OK, bitter melon is a gourd, which is related to a squash, so close enough.

I have been curious about bitter melon for a long time, and finally gathered the courage to try making some. I got some advice from a connoisseur to  go for the smooth rather than spiky bitter melon first, baby steps and all, since this kind isn’t as bitter. It was bitter enough, though, so I am glad I went this way. I based  my meal on this Indian recipe for sweet and sour bitter gourd and expected to make something OK but not great. I just made enough for a single portion and served it with half of a small kabocha squash. My first bite made me think I would have a hard time finishing the whole meal – it was pretty bitter. But then I took another bite and got really into it. The sweet, thick kabocha contrasted with the bitterness of the gourd perfectly, and the spices from the recipe above really made it stand out. It was so good I made it again the next night.


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