Squash Wars: Delicata and Sriracha Seeds

I surprised myself by actually really liking this delicata. I’ve had several that were bland and watery, and didn’t get why people liked them, but this one was a winner.  It was sweet and subtle but definitely distinctly squash-y tasty. Rounds of it grilled up on a waffle iron in under 10 minutes.

Like other squash in the c. pepo species, its seeds are pretty small, and probably not worth eating if you’re like me and have lots of big, fat c. maxima seeds around. Speaking of seeds, yesterday I dressed some (maxima) squash seeds in sriracha sauce before dehydrating them, and they are amazing. All I did was rinse them, and then (without drying) squirt on a moderate amount of sriracha, mix them to coat, and throw them in the food dehydrator for a day. It would probably work in a low-heat oven as well.


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