Squash Wars: Strawberry Crown

IMG_2005Strawberry Crown is unusual: it has a distinct melon-y flavour and a texture sort of like a cross between spaghetti squash, cantaloupe, and a delicata squash; crisp, coarse and thin – almost watery. It doesn’t have the dense richness of my favourite squashes, but it’s good. It’s just not great plain roasted by itself. It wouldn’t be my first choice for soup, either.

It is great roasted, frozen in chunks and then blended into a smoothie or frozen banana “ice cream”. I added some allspice, nutmeg, and cinnamon and it was like eating frozen pumpkin pie filling for breakfast. So that was coobox-graterl. It’s also good sliced raw into ragged ribbons on the large, smile-shaped holes of a box grater (see pic.) and then marinated in oil, vinegar, and salt or soya sauce for a salad. So, yeah, I would say this squash certainly has its uses and I am happy to have found it at the farmers’ market, since I had only seen this variety in books and online before.

Strawberry Crown’s seeds are great for eating too: huge, fat, and bright white, and easy to separate from the squash innards.




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