Things I do with Bad Squash

By bad squash, I mean sweet but bland and overly sweet squash; squash that was picked immature, badly bred, or a variety that was grown to be mostly decorative or something.

  1. Peel the raw squash, grate it, and marinate it overnight (or longer) in lemon juice and/or cider vinegar, salt, pepper and (if you like) spices. It softens, and turns into a nice dish sort of like a vinaigrette carrot salad.
  2. Squash and white bean soup: the white beans, blended into the soup, counterbalance the sweetness. I add onions and garlic for flavour as well.
  3. PIE! Of course you can make a pumpkin pie of just about any squash, except spaghetti, and maybe Futsu (but you wouldn’t want to waste these squashes on pie anyway, of course). I would have added Nippon Island to this list too, except that another name for it is Japanese Pie, so who knows?
  4. Cake, squares, muffins, popsicles, ice cream, etc. See PIE above.
  5. Smoothies: raw grated squash or (unsalted, unoiled) cooked squash is so good in a smoothie, especially with cinnamon, nutmeg, and frozen banana.
  6. Alcohol: I made Butternut squash ale.
  7. Fudgy squash: roast sweet squash without oil or salt until it’s very well done and soft. Cut into cubes and toss with cocoa and dried fruit like mulberries, raisins, or golden berries. It’s a delicious and healthful dessert.
  8. 2-ingredient “ice cream”. The internet has all sorts of 1-ingredient banana ice cream recipes. It’s basically just freezing a banana or two and blending it (with water if necessary) in a food processor until it’s thick and creamy like soft serve. It’s actually pretty incredible how much like soft-serve it it. It works with a banana plus frozen squash (roast without  oil and salt and cube before freezing). Nice additions include cinnamon, nutmeg, raisins, cocoa, etc.

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