Burger Wars

I’m on a quest to find the perfect veggie burger recipe. There is beginning to be a dearth of winter squash varieties that I care to try and report on, so maybe this will spawn some burger-related posts instead.

I have some criteria for veggie burgers:

  • Tasty (obviously) – I am not too picky about what the good taste is: I’ve seen attractive bahn mi burger recipes, and enjoyed more traditional savoury meaty burgers as well as ones that taste like vegetables, mushrooms or whatever. I just want them to be flavourful
  • Protein: I want there to be a reasonable amount of protein balanced with carbs and fats. Some recipes are pretty carb heavy, without fats and protein.
  • Limited fillers like bread crumbs and flour. I’d rather have vital wheat gluten included in the recipe as a binding agent, since it’s high in protein and gives a nice texture.
  • Nuts or seeds as an ingredient: Not essential, but ideal, because they are delicious, nice textured, and provide healthy fats.
  • Pulses as an ingredient: I have a lot of lentils and beans that I would like to eat more of, and they are a good source of carbs, and more filling than grains (to me).
  • Solid: I like burgers that don’t crumble or fall apart too easily.
  • Mostly whole ingredients.
  • Not too many different ingredients, or ones that are unusual or more expensive than they are worth. An ideal recipe would come together pretty quickly with stuff I usually have on hand, more or less.
  • Flexible – I like being able to play with a recipe without disastrous results.

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