Burger Wars: Fake Sunshine Burgers

I have no idea what a Sunshine burger is, but apparently these are imitations of them. I got the recipe from a friend of a friend who swore they were the best veggie burgers ever. I liked them a fair bit but didn’t love them. The flavour was quite good and the texture was actually the best thing about them – they had just the right amount of variety within the burger bites: little pieces of rice and veggies were visible, but they held together well. Unfortunately they are not that high in protein and have very little fat so I got hungry fairly quickly after eating them. There was something charming about them, though – at first I was a little disappointed because they contain a little of a lot of ingredients and I was prepared to be blown away, but they were just a solid, good burger. Then I grew to like them a bit more. I think if I was in a medium-sized city without many eating options and for some reason I went to a restaurant to eat and they made this burger in-house, I would be happily surprised. Yes, that is very specific. Otherwise … they are just kind of a decent standard burger without anything to make them stand out. Maybe they are perfect replicas of Sunshine burgers, and that that is something someone somewhere is looking for but I probably wouldn’t make these again without tweaking things a bit. The only change I made to the recipe was using miso instead of marmite because I didn’t want to buy a jar of it just for this recipe.


Simplicity: 4/10

Flavour: 6/10

Protein: 5/10

Texture: 7/10

Recipe Flexibility: 6/10

Made 21 burgers.

This wasn’t online anywhere, just got it via email from her friend via Amy Leigh:

Fake Sunshine Burgers

In a pot, combine:

2c brown rice
1c brown lentils
8 large dehydrated mushroom ca

2T tamari
water to cover over 2 inches above the surfac
e of the rice/beans/mushrooms

boil till tender and water is absorbed.
remove mushroom caps and slice.

in a large, stick frypan, saute
sliced mushrooms
olive oil
2T tamari (opt)
1t tomato paste (opt)
saute until a pretty brown crust forms on the bottom of the pan.


1 small onion, chopped fine
1 small carrot, chopped fine
4 cloves garlic
and saute until soft.  


1T maramite (I used miso)
½c water
and use that mixture to deglaze the pan.  remove from heat.

grind 1c sunflower seeds in a food processor and set aside in a large bowl.  

add sauteed veggies to food processor, chop, and transfer to bowl with ground sunflower seeds.

transfer ⅓ of the beans + rice to food processor and process until it becomes a paste.  Add to veggies and seeds, and mix in the remaining lentils and brown rice.


Taste for seasoning.

Roll into balls, and flatten into patties.  Place on a cookie sheet covered with parchment paper and bake at 400F until edges are dark and crisp (40-45 mins.).  let cool completely on a rack and wrap/freeze em.



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