Squash Wars: Victors

Well I am not likely to come across any more varieties of winter squash this year. I had fun trying all the different ones I did this winter, and there are some clear stand outs. Number one has to be Tigerstripe/Honeynut Butternut for its rich, maple flavour – what other squash begs to be eaten plain with ice cream? A very close second was the giant but elusive Blue Banana. Blue Kabocha and Sunshine have to tie for third not only because of their delicious flavours and creamy texture but because they are also readily available still, and are what I have been eating as my main squash for months. Bitter melon and chayote need to get special mentions as fun gourds I am glad to have tried and incorporated into my diet.

That said, it’s not all over for the squash posts, perhaps. I have been working on a lot of fermenting projects lately, and one of the ones I am most excited about is a kabocha fermenting in miso and coated in homemade Japanese 7-spice. I will let you know how it turns out in a month or so.


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