Fermented Tofu and Sunshine Squash


Admittedly some of these pictures aren’t pretty, but I am really happy with the results so far, flavour-wise. Up here I have fermented tofu in rice wine, Sunshine squash fermenting in miso and Japanese 7-spice, and tofu fermenting in miso, mirin and cooking wine. The latter two are still in progress, while the rice wine tofu is done. It’s my first time fermenting tofu and I couldn’t be happier with the result: it’s tangy, soft and spreadable, cheesy and a little spicy. I like the store-bought fermented tofu, but this is way tastier in my humble opinion. The process was interesting – I had to let extra-firm tofu go moldy over a few days, then leave it in rice wine in the fridge for a month, basically. The recipe is from the book Asian Tofu by Andrea Nguyen. I’ll update about the other two when they are done. I’m also making barley koji right now to use for miso and some other ferments, and it seems to be working. My apartment has a pleasant koji smell right now.


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