Fermented Tofu – Step-by-Step

I have made this fermented tofu a couple of times now, and I am so into it. It starts out as extra firm tofu and ends as a soft, spicy, cheesy spread after a month or so. It’s inexpensive, easy, and I like it better than the store-bought fermented tofu I tried (though I like that too).

To make this, all I did was press the tofu between plates lined with cloths to get rid of excess liquid (I put a weight on top of the plates, and left it for an hour).

Next, I cut up the tofu and put it in pans, then covered them with plastic and poked a few holes in the plastic with a fork for a bit of air circulation. I left them to go moldy for a few days on top of the fridge. They need to get yellow mold, smell a little, and get  slimy before they are ready for the wine. The book I got this process from, Asian Tofu by Andrea Nguyen, says that some grey fuzzy mold is OK too, and just means it’s time to move on to the next step.

The next step is dipping them in non-iodized salt mixed with hot peppers, packing them in a jar, and covering with Shaoxing cooking wine ($3-4 at Kei Wei on Spadina) mixed with water. Then it all just sits in the fridge for a month.

I wanted to share this because it’s delicious and I don’t know anyone else who has been making this.

My miso fermented tofu and sunshine squash are still coming along nicely  – the tofu tastes great but is not that soft yet, and the sunshine squash is also still softening. My next project (in process) is making popcorn koji so that I can make a miso made of popcorn (plus a legume) in place of the rice normally in miso. The popcorn is in its second day of incubating, and is nicely covered in white koji mold. So check back soon for pictures of that.


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